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Folklore of Hobikisen
Interview with Fishermen
Hard times
Did you have rough times?
Mr. Kubota:

Once I was trying to cast an anchor in a strong typhoon to anchor the boat and my belly got hooked on it. Then I was thrown into the lake with the anchor.

  ₯₯₯ It sounds funny but how scary it was.
What was the scariest time?

Mr. Shimada:


Once we sailed out in a typhoon without knowing, two of us, my father and I. The wind went down temporarily on that day. Now we could listen to the radio to get typhoon information. But at that time, since no one was fishing, we thought it was a good chance. Soon after we sailed out, the wind became strong. We made haste to lower the sails but it was too late. The boat was swept away by south wind. First, the sails were blown away, and then the water got into the boat and filled it. No body, no ship was around. What we did was to untie all the ropes tied to the boat and cut them wherever possible. We desperately rowed the boat. I found my father, on the other side of the boat, paddling hard with yokoda . We finally reached the shore. It became bright by that time. I though I was going to die.


₯₯₯ You came near to being wrecked. It was really good that you reached the shore.

Yokoda A container for fish caught