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Folklore of Hobikisen
Interview with Fishermen
Happy memories
What pleased you most?
Mr. Sugasawa

We all went fishing at all once and each chosen his own fishing place by instinct, for example, seeing from which way the wind blew. Then eventually, if I found more fish in my net than others, even a little bit more, I felt very happy because it meant I had chosen the right place for fishing.


@₯₯₯ Many years of experience and hunches were very important, weren't they?

What did you do for fun?

Mr. Abe:


When there was no wind, we got together and cooked. We really enjoyed cooking and eating flour dumplings in a large flat pan and talking with each other. That was our happiest moment. When fishing, we worked individually. These moments were the only time when we all got together and had fun.

Where did you meet for cooking?

At fish-processing shops or barns.


@₯₯₯ When you got together, you could also exchange information about fishing. Flour-dumplings and chatting must have been pleasures to fishermen in spare moments from fishing.