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What is Hobikisen?
Mechanism of Hobikisen
Sappasen and Miyoshisen Boats
Sappasen was used when Mr. Ryohei Orimoto invented hobikisen in 1880. Sappasen was stable but it had poor cutwater for rowing far out to sea. Therefore, incorporating the good points about sappasen , miyoshisen was created based on chokisen that provided good cutwater on the sea. The creation of miyoshisen increased fish catches and it became the main fishing boat on Kasumigaura. It is said that Kamejiro Tagami, a ship carpenter in Tamatsukuri, learned how to manufacture chokisen in Choshi and made the first chokisen on Kasumigaura.

The characteristics of each boat can be understood well by looking at the area of the bottom panel and the angle between the lower side panel and the bottom panel.